Autotek Australia


The T-Hotbox PDR is a revolutionary small dent repair tool. It has several new functions. Notched heat pen as to improve accuracy and positioning, controllable time setting, and it is a handheld unit as to facilitate its simple use.

Hotbox Induction


The Plastic Fusion is a complete plastic repair station. It has all repair methods integrated into 1. From the tacker to the welding to the grinder and even to the chemical repair method. It is therefore and ideal system for any modern body shop.

Plastic Repair


The Flatliner System is probably the most innovative and cost effective car body repair method on the market for both steel and aluminium panels. It is suitable to repair small dings up to major damages on car body panels from the outside which avoids much of the strip and refit process.

Panel Repair Systems

Glue an appropriate knob to the damaged area using our hot melt glue and gun included in the kit. Attach the Glue Puller. Gently squeeze the handles and watch the dent come out.

Glue Pullers

Our Background

Jacob Body & Paint commenced in 1969 at Walla Walla in Body & Paint.The company then relocated to Wodonga in 1989 and continued to grow as a preferred repairer for multiple insurance companies. In light of our success, we continually look for new avenues of improving customer service and satisfying customer needs. In 2011 we installed a rapid repair system to satisfy people with minor damage to vehicles and minimise the amount of “off road time”. In September 2014, we visited the Automechanika Trade Show in Frankfurt and discovered the Betag Innovations product stand and working demonstrations. We were very impressed with the technology and along with the input from our colleagues, we decided to be the Australian importer, distributer and trainer for this product.

Autotek Australia was founded in February 2015 and is totally committed to stocking, promoting and servicing the Betag Innovations product in Australia. We have invested in a full set of training equipment allowing us to train with four work stations at once, catering for a maximum of eight participants. From this training there are procedure manuals, theory sessions and ongoing support.

Fields of Activity

We manufacture tools for the repair of small to medium body damages. Our main product here is our Flatliner system

We manufacture a complete range of tools for the paintless dent removal (PDR) industry. This includes PDR rod sets, glue systems, lamps, etc.

We believe that the only way to ensure that our equipment will be used to its full potential is to offer training for our customers. We collaborate with OEM auto manufacturers, insurances and our tool dealers around the world to train body shop technicians in efficient, modern repair techniques.