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This unit has several advantages. Due to the ability to weld both on steel and alu it becomes a universal spot welder.

Aluminium application

With a simple switch of a button and the changing of the welding tool the unit can be used to weld aluminium studs

Fe application

Thanks to the new technology the temperature keeps low during the welding. As a result of that the welding spots are cleaner and smaller and there are no burn marks on the back side keeping the coating intact (rust prevention). Further more the metal does not get weakend at the welding spot.

Nominal Power = 600 VA

Available Accessory

  • T-Connector (5107)

Spare Parts

  • Alumet PCB (6002)
  • AlSi M4 stud (6010)
  • AlMg M4 stud (6011)

What it contains

  • Slim Trolley
  • Alumet Spot
  • 1 Glue Puller GP2

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