Autotek Australia

Autotek encourages all interested parties to fully understand and appreciate the innovation behind the Betag product.

To overcome uncertainty with the product we offer training on all products and to enable the purchaser the greatest opportunity to maximise their return on investment.

Due to the low cost of training we need to group the training sessions into groups of six or twelve participants over two days.

Training is held in Sydney – Melbourne – Brisbane – Adelaide – Perth – Wodonga

Training consists of theory and practical with a daily charge. We supply all procedural manuals for the T-Hotbox PDR, Plastic and Flat Liner

All equipment for the training days are supplied by Autotek Australia

Groups of two per workstation, this will allow the trainer sufficient time to maximum the amount of participation per attendees

Refresher courses are also available upon request

PLEASE NOTE: The Product can be purchased without training. However, Autotek Australia will not be held responsible for the warranty or outcome of the products capabilities

For further information please contact us via the contact us page